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Get your customised shirt from Bombay Shirt Company.
A Cross pen or a Tissot watch or a Nike shoe doesn’t need a replacement at least for the next 5-6 years.
So, we always end up racking our brain whenever a birthday or an anniversary of our man at home is on the cards.
Now, after exhausting all our options, we are now fixed at either a pant or a shirt or both and try our best to look for something unique in it.
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Thursday January 01, 1970

CaratLane Jewellery Attracts with its Artistic Designs

Nov 6 Jewelry has always been an accessory woman love today and in olden times

The only difference is that uber women see it more as an statement than investment and is particular about the way it looks and the way it adds to their personality.
Jewelry brands have taken efforts to innovate to bring the joy of ownership to the owners of their designer products.
It is a huge challenge to cater to the varied tastes of the 21st generation women and it is quite interesting to see how brands especially CaratLane offers jewelry to attract the current generation.
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Thursday January 01, 1970

Diwali Collections at Lifestyle

Forum Mall.
Oct 22 Forum mall, a key destination for shopaholics in Chennai is all ready to welcome Diwali in a grand scale.  Owing to its location and the plethora of options in lifestyle, fashion and food, it is a Goto place for most of us for shopping extravaganza.  Lifestyle stores known for its “multi-floor multi-brand under one roof” shopping experience has its presence here.  What we love about Lifestyle is the convenience of checking out various brands in one place.
Be it Ginger, Bossini, Code, Fame Forever, And, Vero Moda, Levis, Kraus on the western wear collection and Melange, Biba, W, Global Desi,  on the ethnic / fusion collection  (and the list goes on), .

Thursday January 01, 1970

We can find them here and so Lifestyle store is our first option for clothing shopping

We are an ethereal lot having our own perception of what suits us best and we are happy to get into Lifestyle as everyone of us has options.  On the occasion of Diwali, we checked out Lifestyle stores for us and here is what we saw – Read the rest of this entry.
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May 14 Come summer and it is time for a wardrobe change.  Thicker clothes give way to light and breezy collections.
In tune with the season Shoppers Stop has launched its summer collections from exclusive brands.   Shoppers Stop is known for their traditional wear to ultra modern, western wear collections.   If you are the traditional kind looking for anarkalis, salwar kameez, tunic tops, Kurtis on a trendy note, check out Haute Curry.  Be sure to check out the kaftans, crop tops with coldshoulder or cover-ups.
The trend today has moved a bit from traditional chic to stylish formal wear that doubles up as perfect fit for office wear for young professionals.

Eliza Donatein is here at Shoppers Stop with its feminine yet official collection

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Apr 14 Brand Avatar India’s Fashion Premier Week took place in Crowne Plaza (Adyar Park) and needless to say, it was a star studded affair.

We were invited by Wedding Vows magazine

official lifestyle partner of the event to cover the unveiling of the 5th Anniversary issue happening on the final day of the event.  Actress Simran unveiled the magazine and the grand finale had the fashion show by  global designer Indian duo, Falguni and Shane Peacock’s  bridal wear inspired by French Riviera.
Showstopper turned out to be Actress Namita in the beautiful bridal wear of Falguni and Shane Peacock.
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Posted in , Leave a comment Tags: , designers, designerwear, , Fashion Premier Week, FPW, magazine, , wedding vows magazine Fashion Talk: Mobile Cases Mean More Fashion than Mobiles.
Mar 21 Last decade has seen a surge in mobile sales and mobile brands emerged every quarter from nowhere to make it to the top as most bought topping the sales charts.
Mobiles have been one zone where established and new brands have competed on even grounds without that familiarity preference ruling the sales.
We can attribute it to the fact that mobile is a new invention and every player in the field is new to it though few might be an established player in other gadgets and appliances.
An interesting analogy here – What defines how we look is influenced in majority by what we wear though we are all flesh and blood otherwise.  Millennium also saw the emergence of personal gadgets and personalizing cases became a rage.
It offered many options for the Uber folk prominent being mobile and laptop cases.   Case offered protection and fun and was much cheaper than changing mobiles and laptops and turned out to be trendier.  Brands hooked on this opportunity to launch signature mobile cases carrying celebrities, graffiti, merchandise and slowly a simple market grew larger before our eyes.
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Posted in , , 2 Comments Tags: best price, , casenation, , customized, designer, , IPhone, macbook case, mobile case, , quality, samsung, wood An Opportunity to Celebrate Love – February 14 – Valentines’s Day.
Feb 3 Valentine’s Day is approaching and E-commerce and online shopping experience is all into specific offerings for the day.  It is celebration time as love is in the air.
No other celebration boasts so much about love globally except this day, .

Celebrated on February 14 of every year as St

Valentine’s Day.  We are not going into history as it available in abundance on the net

For those who feel that this is not our culture, let us look at this day as a time to appreciate your spouse or the special someone to show that you care.
An opportunity to kindle that flame of love, love however deep we have should be expressed once in a while, and this could be the right opportunity.
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, Valentine Gift Ideas, Valentine Gifts for her, Valentine Gifts for him, valentine”s day, Valentines day Gifts Know about Soft Soled Shoes, the New Rage in Footwear and its Impact on Children.
Jan 30 Soft Soled shoes specifically Clogs have become a rage even though they come with an expensive price tag.
Be it outdoors, indoors, travel, and adventure trips, we see children wearing clogs.

It has become a point of superiority among school children to have Crocs clog shoes

Crocs have had its list of issues in US which people in India are unaware of.  To add to the confusion, many products resembling Crocs are hitting the market from China and our own country to cash in on the popularity of the brand.
We know the problem behind Crocs but unsure of what the others have in them though the one written here is for all these products with the spoken design.  Read on to know more about  Clogs / soft soled shoes.
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on janani on on on on.
Beautiful dancer ???? now as a jhumkas with her skirt as hanging – a awesome designer piece at Rs.600/- plus shipping….
This is good news!.
Rose tres leche made by Ranjani ranjanisankar1 is priced at 250 INR for a box of two will be sent with the tres le….
For people looking for train travel in India, Note booking starts from Sep 10 – Check this post ….

Pathetic Installation by @ – Outdoor Unit works after switching OFF the AC

Water pours from Inside UNI….
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