Find the best AFAR Recommended hotel for your next trip

Find the best AFAR Recommended hotel for your next trip.
We believe the best hotels enhance the travel experience.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Every hotel we recommend is chosen by an AFAR expert for its sense of place

distinctive design, and commitment to guests traveling deeper.
Popular Cities NEW ORLEANS PARIS SAN FRANCISCO DENVER SYDNEY PARK CITY Featured Partner Autograph Collection Autograph Collection is a curated collection of over 180 independent hotels around the world.
Each hotel in the collection is a product of vision, handpicked for its mark of craft, heartfelt design, and authentic sense of place.
These principles guide the curation of the portfolio, ensuring each hotel experience is remakably unlike anything else.  The Adolphus The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Press Hotel Best Hotels by Theme The Best Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean The World’s Best Wine Country Hotels The Best U.
Hotels for History Buffs The Most Romantic Hotels in Europe The Best Design Hotels in Mexico New and Noteworthy Hotel Openings Recent Articles in Hotels The Philadelphia Hotel That’s Exactly Like Nothing Else An immersive tale from The Notary Hotel, .

Thursday January 01, 1970

Inspired by the curated experiences of Autograph Collection Hotels

September 02, 2020 Hotel vs.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Vacation Rental During COVID—Which Feels Safer

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we all have a very personal approach to which experiences we’re more comfortable with and how to minimize risks.
August 27, 2020 Why Lake Como Will Forever Be a Dream Destination LIVE from Lake Como: Talking to Valentina De Santis, .

Owner and CEO of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

August 27, 2020 What It’s Like to Travel Across Europe as an American Right Now My U.
residence card, not passport, is the ticket to travel—and the COVID situation across the continent is so different from what I hear back.
August 25, 2020 Why This Vacation Rental Company Is My New Favorite Way to Travel—Especially During COVID Homes and Villas by Marriott International launched last year, but the service has really come into its own during the pandemic.
Popular Destinations USA Charleston Chicago Las Vegas Los Angeles Napa Valley New Orleans New York City San Francisco Europe Amsterdam Barcelona Brussels Budapest Lisbon London Paris Rome Caribbean + Mexico Aruba Bahamas Bermuda Cancun + The Riviera Maya Cayman Islands Curaçao Mexico City Puerto Rico Asia Bali Bangkok Dubai Hong Kong Kyoto Singapore Tokyo Vietnam.

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