Category: Naples and the Amalfi coast Italy

Naples and Amalfi coast .
Category: Naples and the Amalfi coast Italy.

Thursday January 01, 1970

How to visit Naples in one day and why you shouldn’t miss it

An easy and enjoyable Naples in one day walking itinerary

including a detailed Naples map.
Picturesque markets, amazing artworks and great street food.
Why visit Naples.

Thursday January 01, 1970

It’s a no-brainer: because Naples is one of the most fascinating

peculiar and beautiful towns you may find in Italy, and, in my opinion, in Europe.
It’s an underrated gem you just can ’t skip.
I’m not the only one to think it: the number of foreign tourists visiting Naples have been growing double digit for almost ten years.
The reason is simple: savvy travelers will find tons of art, history, culture, local diversity, beauty, sights, great food.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Warm people… and you’ll need to pass through Naples in any case

on your way to Pompei and the Amalfi coast.
So why not taking a day or so and spend some time to discover this amazing town.
In this post I will answer to some of the most frequent questions about Naples and share a one day walking itinerary in Naples city center, a Unesco Heritage site.
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Amazing Amalfi coast : best itinerary to discover Amalfi, Positano, Ravello.
The Amalfi coast is an amazing destination .
Here is how to discover Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and beautiful minor sites, including logistics and travel tips .
Imagine ancient white hamlets perched on high cliffs, overlooking the deep blue Tyrrhenian sea.
Add cytrus fields, steep light grey mountains, medieval churches, hidden fjords and beaches.
Complete with amazing sea food and a “dolce vita” feeling s trong er than anywhere else in Italy.
That, and much more, is the Amalfi coast, Italy: you can’t really say you know Italy without visiting this delightful destination .

While you can have a glimpse of it in a day trip from Naples or from Sorrento

the Amalfi coast deserves at least two or three days, if not an entire week.
So here is my personal Italy Amalfi coast Italy itinerary.
It will let you explore all the area, including off the beaten path jewels such as the mills valley and the astonishing “path of the gods” trail.
My recommendation is to complete this tour by one or two days in Capri, which could be easily reached by hydrofoil from Positano.
In my view, Sorrento can be skipped, but I leave this to you.
A last tip: like most central Italy destinations, best time to visit the Amalfi coast Italy is from May to early July, and, even better, from mid September to October’s end.
Weather is perfect and the area is not too crowded (better to avoid week ends if possible).
Absolutely avoid July and August, when the heat and the crowds would spoil most of the enchantment.
Amalfi coast Italy five days tour: click on the image to get to the interactive Amalfi coast map.
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Gorgeous Capri.
It’s beautiful, it’s glamorous, it’s gorgeous…it’s Capri.

Click here to read my Capri Faraglioni and natural arch walking tour Tweet

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Capri souvenirs: discover what to shop in posh Capri island.

Lovely Capri and Amalfi coast magnets

sold in a stall close to Capri’s harbour.
Charming Capri souvenirs may be found everywhere in Capri, as well as fashionable clothes, shoes and handicrafts.
Here are the three unmissable ones: Canfora sandals, Limoncello Liquor and Capri’s bells.
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Naples nativity scenes market: San Gregorio Armeno

San Gregorio Armeno Market and the nativity scenes museum at La certosa di San Martino.
Discover the liveliest Christmas market in central-south Italy, and one of the finest Italian Nativity Scenes museums.

Setting up a nativity scene—Presepe in Italian —is a strong tradition in Naples

started as early as the 11th century.
Still today, the Presepe is a Must for every true Neapolitan, and the unmissable place to buy your Presepe is the San Gregorio Armeno market.

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Capri walking itinerary: breathtaking Faraglioni and Natural Arch

A great Capri walking itinerary to discover Capri’s stunning natural spots: the Giardini di Augusto, the Faraglioni and the natural arch, including a map.
I designed this half day Capri walking itinerary to let you discover the arguably most famous and stunning Capri sights: the Giardini di Augusto, The Faraglioni and the arco naturale.
You can complete it with a boat tour of the island, including a visit to famous Grotta Azzurra.
Capri, one of the highlights of any Amalfi Coast tour,  is synonymous with stars, style and impossible glamour.
However, away from the central Piazzetta, it’s also a place of stunning natural beauty and calm.
I suggest to walk this path early in the morning, when Giardini di Augusto and Punta Tragara are less crowded.
The tour takes no more than three or four hours, but you can extend it to the whole day if you decide to spend some time to sunbath and swim at the Faraglioni, where you can rent a sunbed at “da Luigi”.
Just a warning: the walk to Punta Tragara is flat and easy, but from there to Faraglioni and Arco Naturale you will  have to climb many stairs and deep rises! It’s actually easier to start the path from the Natural Arch, but the tour is less scenic (in my opinion).
Said so, I walked up this path with my 10 years son, and he survived, quite happily, indeed!.
Here is what my Capri walking itinerary in half day looks like.
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