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Bali Adventures – Nature Activities Bali Adventures – Nature Activities.
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Thursday January 01, 1970

Rice paddy is the place to do nature activities in Bali

Bali Adventures and Nature Activities are exciting nature activities

This trip to encourage you to experience nature exploration with attractive challenge activities .
Bali Island is one of the perfect tourist destinations in the world that the island pampers every visitor who visits this country.
Beside beautiful natures, friendly people and unique cultures.
Bali also featured by complete adventure activities  that every tourist can enjoy it. Bali Group Organizer is proud to provide a booking service of famous adventures that much favoured by the tourist.

Thursday January 01, 1970

It is a good option once you are travelling to this island of God

We have chosen the best selectively adventure companies that can be recommended to our clients by emphasizing safety, convenience, services, and quality. Favourite Bali Adventures – Nature Activities.
Your holidays will be fantastic when joining with one of the great adventure s that we offer.
We offer the comprehensive ranges of adventures where you can select it one to fill your lovely vacation.

Thursday January 01, 1970

In this paradise island of Bali

you may try a white water rafting, cycling, horse riding, elephant riding.

Also for those love activity such as ATV and Buggy riding

marine sport, diving is available.
It is a fantastic adventure to explore beautiful Ayung and Telagawaja River with 3 rapids level within 2 hours and see more.
Get crazy riding on special engine four-wheel drive motor th rough the moody land, pure nature and jungle.
See more.
It is an exciting adventure to ride a tamp horse and explore the beautiful black sandy beach with slow walk either run at your speed.
See more.
Get the fantastic experiences by riding the Sumatra Elephant to surround the elephant park or go through pure natures.
See more… CYCLING.
Your adventures will be exciting to paddle down the mountain bike passing through the Balinese village, .

Rice field and you can see details HERE

Make your holiday fantastic by experiencing the four-wheel-drive vehicle passing through the traditional village, moody land and see more.
The cruise will explore the beautiful small island of Nusa Lembongan with white sandy beach, attractive cruise activities and see more.
You will have the fantastic adventure to see underwater using submersible viewer located in each part of Bali Island.
Please see more.
You can choose one of the fantastic water sports adventure located in Tanjung Benoa Beach including motorize either non-motorize, see more.
You have the opportunities to catch the big fishes in the ocean with a professional fishing guide within 4 hours and you can see detail HERE.
We invite you to discover the beautiful coral and underwater life at the best diving spots throughout Bali Island.

Please visit the page where you can see more HERE

You have great adventure underwater by walking through the beautiful colour fishes using a special helmet supplied by fresh air.
See more.
We have shown our dedication with a high commitment to guest services to all our customers since we started this business.
We are proud to say that our achievements in our services are without defects with zero accidents.
Similarly, all our customers are satisfied with the perfect service from an experienced team.
You can find group experiences from companies throughout the world on our site.
So, you will find out how we have served them so far.
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Instead of Bali adventures activities

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