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Thursday January 01, 1970

Mantra Adds a Different Dimension to Gold Plating

Jun 10 Gold plating / gold covering as it is popularly known has been a synonymous process with many of us in the late 70s and 80s when we wanted to own that classic piece of ornament which we could not afford in gold.
I re member having a wonderful collection of temple jewelry, my priced possession for a long time.
With the introduction of paste jewelry, the popularity and familiarity of gold plating has ebbed a little only to reinvent itself in different forms of application .
Ask about gold covering to elders, they will tell you how it has saved them from embarrassing situations while attending weddings and family functions.
The process of plating is coating the base metal which can be brass, bronze and silver with gold in specific microns to give a golden effect and also protect the valuable artifact underneath.
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Thursday January 01, 1970

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brass, bronze, , , gold plating, idols, , lamps, rework, silver, Effective Use of Interior décor to Bring Indian Art into Living Space.
Mar 24 Interior decor makes a building of mortar and bricks to a living space.  What if we get an opportunity to make our contemporary Indian Art part of our home integrated so beautifully into our spaces to enhance the looks and go beyond just framed pieces of it on walls here and there as decorative pieces?  Living Canvas is such an initiative by Pallavi Goenka and initially we could not really understand how we can make use of art beyond pieces of art on the wall.  Thanks to their sincerity in getting across samples of materials they use and its applications in interior decor, we could appreciate the efforts that have gone into this venture.
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Thursday January 01, 1970

Fashion Talk: Love Beadstone Jewellery

Check out MayasArc.
Dec 11 Bead stones are nature’s best gifts and wearing such jewelry is carrying a piece of nature with you.
Nature is mysterious and has all those hidden beauties in the form of precious and semi precious gemstones.
From time immemorial, we have been sporting bead stone jewelry and it has been a part of our accessories list.
With a distinct advantage of holding its characteristics of gleam and glamour and no signs of aging, bead stone jewelry has gone through changes in design and presentation as we evolved.

One such designer online store is Mayasarc.com Read the rest of this entry

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Work wear Theatre Talk: Connected Yet Disconnected

Nov 12 Bombay Chanakya’s Kalamandir celebrates its 25th anniversary with 2 Tamil plays, ‘Moondravathu Kai’ (Third Hand)and ‘Naangaam Ulagam’(4th World).
Both the plays are 1 hour plays and intermission is honoring the playwrights for their contribution to Tamil Theatre.

We thank Bombay Chanakya for inviting us to watch the play

knowing well our capability to review without any bias.
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Commitment at its Best at Shraddha’s Draupadi Kuravanji

Mar 16 Shraddha, a group promoting theater, staged Draupadi Kuravanji in Kattaikkuttu, a traditional art form in Narada Gana Sabha during the weekend.
To all those who want to know what it means, remember the olden days when people spent nights watching the epics.

Ramayana and Mahabharatha performed in open grounds

it is the same form much similar to Theru Koothu.
Rajagopal, a humble man is the founder of Kattaikuttu sangam.
Read about him here.
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kattaikuttu, Performing arts, shraddha, theatre arts Request Theatre Lovers To Help a Cause.
Mar 12 Prayatn Stage is coming out with their 2nd Tamil Play of 2015, ‘ID’  on April 29, 2015 at Narada Gana Sabha in the Kartik Fine Arts Summer Drama Festival.
To keep the Tamil Theater going, Prayatna Stage K.
Vivekshankar is going into Crowdfunding his forthcoming Tamil Play, ID.
He requests interested people to get in touch with him to contribute whatever they can for this project.
Prayatna stage is also conducting an audition for aspiring actors to be a part of the forthcoming play ‘ID’ and their subsequent plays.
Prayatna is staging 3 plays this year.
The first ‘Nadhimoolam’ was staged in February and received good reviews from media and audience too.
It may be interesting to note that K.
Vivekshankar was the writer for television serials such as ‘Veetuku veedu Looty’, ‘Engirundho vandhaal’ and many productions of Minbimbangal (owned by K.
Balachander and his son, B.
Kailasam) , ‘Bommalaatam’, and many more.
To know more about Prayatna and  K.
Vivekshankar check out www.prayatnacreativeconcepts.org For further details, Contact : Mr.
Vivekshankar  @ 9841433965,  email : [email protected] Let us show the world that we care for our art forms.
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Prayatn Stage, Quilling, Scoobie Strings, Loom Bands and More.
Mar 10 For those without a teenaged girl at home, these terms would not mean anything.
It is very common to see mother folk sulking about the children not having the fun they used to have in their childhood days.
But the fact is they too have their piece of fun and in the own way.
The terms in the title are the activities they pursue which can be matched to the beads stringing and wire baskets we made during school and college days.
A hobby that improved our concentration and motor skills and also a smooth introduction to arts and crafts.
The difference here is the activities pursued by us were general in nature, may be a purse, a desktop item or a wall hanging but these items help them to make ear rings, key chains, finger rings.
It got personal you see.
Do make your daughter a part of this group and for sure, she will get hooked on it.
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, , craft, loom bands, quilling, scoobie strings Review : Nadhimoolam Tamil Play by K.
Feb 21 Further to our writeup on Stage play, we took the initiative to followup on the Tamil Play Nadhimoolam being inaugurated in Mylapore Fine Arts Club hall.
The play started on time, by 7 PM and Mr.
Vivekshankar dedicated the play to Mr.
Kailasam,  his mentor and son of Director K.
Balachander, who passed away recently.
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Beautiful dancer ???? now as a jhumkas with her skirt as hanging – a awesome designer piece at Rs.600/- plus shipping….
This is good news!.
Rose tres leche made by Ranjani ranjanisankar1 is priced at 250 INR for a box of two will be sent with the tres le….
For people looking for train travel in India, Note booking starts from Sep 10 – Check this post ….
Pathetic Installation by @ – Outdoor Unit works after switching OFF the AC.
Water pours from Inside UNI….
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