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Thursday January 01, 1970

» » Cars Quarter Midget Car Racing: Should Your Kid Try It?

July 24, 2017 – By Leave a Comment Let me introduce myself, my name is Stacy, and I have been working behind the scenes helping here at Autistic Globetrotting for a few months now.
While my daughter does not have autism, she does love extreme sports .
Extre me anything to be exact.
I know that some children with autism also love extreme sport s.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Hence I thought… Read More Filed Under: Tagged With:

, car races, , kid racing, miniature cars, nascar, Quarter Midget Car Racing Exploring San Diego with Kia’s Eco Dynamic Cars.
June 20, 2017 – By 1 Comment   There’s an old saying that Los Angeles folks live in their cars.
The fact is, LA is quite spread out which means that getting from point A to point B takes quite a bit of driving time.
areas with lots of space between many destinations .
Now add this fact, .

Thursday January 01, 1970

As a parent to a… Read More Filed Under: Tagged With: BRAKES teen program

Kia optima, eco dynamic kia, kia eco cars, Kia hybrid, Kia motors, Kia Niro, kia optima, Kia stinger, Peter Schreyer, san diego, .

The NEW KIA Discovering Oxnard’s Mullin Automotive Museum

June 16.

2015 – By Leave a Comment What did Sonny and Cher

Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin have in common? At some point in their lives, they all had a home in the somewhat sleepy town of Oxnard, California.

Located 30 miles west of Los Angeles

along the southern U.
Coast, the city of Oxnard had just over 2000 inhabitants.

Back in 1903… Read More Filed Under:

Tagged With: , , mullin automotive museum, oxnard car museum Buckle Up and Create Priceless Memories.
September 6.

2014 – By 25 Comments From the minute I saw her

I knew we would be good friends.
‘She’ was my reliable daily companion never once complaining about the many errands she had to go each day- my shiny Toyota Sienna forest green minivan.
Like most moms, I didn’t willingly switch from my snazzy compact car to a mom mobile….

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